Mata Salamat Umm Habibeh

Mlle Blanche Yvette Labrousse, the widow of Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah was born on February 15, 1906 in Sete, near Marseilles. Her parent moved to Cannes when she was a baby. Her father was a tram-conductor. She always remembered her parent for the moral code instilled in her. She was granted the title of Miss Lyon and became Miss France in 1930 in a nation-wide beauty contest, and in the same year she went to Rio de Janiero to represent her country at an international event. She married to Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah at the age of 39 years on October 9, 1944 in Switzerland. She had converted to Islam before marriage.

The people called her Yvonne Aga Khan or Yak, but she added i in yak (Yaki) to make its sound better, and thus the Imam built a villa of 21-rooms for her in Cannes, called Yakimour. In 1946, Imam awarded her the title of Mata Salamat during the Diamond Jubilee in Dar-es-Salam, and also named her Umm Habibeh in 1954 and repeated the title of Mata Salamat. In the same year, she performed hajj in the company of the then Governor General of Pakistan. She was very supportive of her husband in his work during their thirteen years together. She took a particular interest in issues affecting women’s welfare. She also developed an active interest in painting and sculpture. She was attracted by classical music, opera and ballet. Following her husband’s death on July 11, 1957, she moved between Geneva, Aswan, Paris and Le Cannet. In Le Cannet she was held in particular esteem and was known for her generosity towards the elderly, through the establishment of a retirement home. In 1999, the Mayor of Le Cannet Rocheville unveiled a bronze statue in her honour in the Jardin des Oliviers. She worked over the years through her own Egyptian Om Habibeh Foundation to help alleviate poverty and improve living conditions in Aswan, through contributions to healthcare, education facilities and income generation programmes.

Since 1957, she had maintained continuing and close contact with the Ismaili community around the world. She participated in many official visits by the Present Imam to Asia and Africa, including those in 1982 marking the 25th Anniversary of the accession to the Imamate. She was present at the historic charter ceremony of the Aga Khan University in Karachi, as well as the inauguration by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the Ismaili Centre in South Kensington, London in 1984. Over the years, she also participated in events associated with the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. She continued to be an honoured guest at family functions including the marriage of the Present Imam in France in May, 1998.

She had no children, was survived by her step-son, Prince Sadruddin. She is also survived by three steps grand-children, the Present Imam, Prince Amyn Muhammad and their half-sister Princes Yasmin. Before her death, she arranged for Yakimour to be retained for use by the Imam’s family. She also planned that a large part of her estate be donated to two foundations closely associated with the family: The Aga Khan Foundation, Geneva, established by the Imam in 1967, and the Bellerive Foundation in Geneva, established by Prince Sadruddin in 1977.

She have had an operation in September, 1992 at the age of 86 years, and lost sight in one eye. She was in the constant company of her assistants, Janine, and Shamsy.

Mata Salamat, Umm Habibeh expired on July 1, 2000 at Le Cannet, south of France at the age of 95 years. In a solemn ceremony on Tuesday, 4th July, 2000, she was laid to rest in the same sandstone mausoleum high atop a dune overlooking the Nile in Aswan. The bier was carried on a ceremonial boat along the Nile to Noor El Salaam. Escorted by a flotilla of small craft, black mourning pennants fluttering at their masts, the boat detoured to float past a marquee prepared by the Governorate of Aswan to enable citizens to pay their last respects. Governor Kamal Ahmed Amer of Aswan represented the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; civic leaders represented the people of Aswan; and their Mayor, Mme. Michele Tabarot, represented the citizens of Le Cannet. Borne on the shoulders of the Present Imam, Prince Sadruddin, Prince Amyn Muhammad, LIF members and villa staff, the bier made a solemn ascent under a blazing sun to the continuing refrain of the Shahada, led by Shaikh Syed Ahmed Ibrahim who has, for 37 years, recited daily from the Koran at the mausoleum in accordance with Mata Salamat’s wishes.

In December, 2003, the Imam announced a grant of US$ 320,000 for medical equipment by the Om Habibeh Foundation, as part of a series of new development initiatives to benefit the people of Aswan. These included a plan for a social development training center and programs in nursing education, pre-school education and in strengthening of civil society organizations. The new initiatives in Aswan will complement an extensive social and urban development program underway on the edge of the historic of Cairo. Governor Hassanin expressed sincere gratitude on behalf of the people of Aswan and pledged to the government’s full support and cooperation to the new initiatives, which he said, both responded to immediate and long term needs, and reinforced the warm and close historic links that bound the Imam, his family, and his community to Aswan and to Egypt.

Glutathione – How Does It Give Me Energy, And How Is It Anti Aging?

Glutathione – how does it give me energy and how is it anti aging? Many today are dealing with fatigue, and so we would like to know how glutathione can give us the energy we need to get us through our day. We all want to stay younger and resist aging too, so how is glutathione anti aging?

There is a new generation of what are now called mitochondrial disorders surrounding us at every turn. Conditions such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and lupus may be grouped into this category. The mitochondria are like the batteries for your cell. If they become damaged due to oxidative stress or other factors, then the power is drained from them and they cannot power your cells, which in turn cannot power you to have energy to get through your day. Very often, low energy means that your mitochondria are damaged in some way at the cellular level. Mitochondria are your cell’s power source, so you want to keep them healthy for great energy!

Glutathione actually repairs and regenerates your mitochondria at the cellular level. If you have high glutathione levels, your cells will have the energy to do what they need to do, and keep you going all day long!

So now we would like to know, how is glutathione anti aging? Human aging is a hot topic. Interest in finding the best anti aging product that really works is at an all-time high today. It has been found that glutathione levels are highest in the healthy elderly. Could there be a connection between glutathione and anti aging? The average human life span is getting longer with advances in health care, but along with that, humans most importantly want not only to live longer, but better, with a higher quality of life as they age.

And they are looking for the best anti aging product to help them to do just that. Is that true of you? Chances are, if you are looking for the best anti aging product, your friends are probably looking too. Regarding the length of our human life span, note what Duke University demographer James Vaupel said: There is no evidence that human life expectancy is anywhere close to its ultimate limit. Perhaps we were indeed made to live much longer than we do? Could we have been created to live even forever?

Is the secret to unlocking this scientific secret somehow connected to this precious little glutathione molecule?

What does research tell us about glutathione as the best anti aging product? Note what some other noteworthy professionals are now saying. In the bestseller Stop Aging Now!, Jean Carper is quoted as saying, You must get your levels of GSH (glutathione) up if you want to keep your youth and live longer. High blood levels of GSH predict good health as you age and a long life. Low levels predict early disease and death. Think of that!

High Glutathione = Youth + Health + Longer Life!

Low Glutathione = Early Disease + Death!

Which of those sounds better to you? These experts are joining a growing list of researchers who are publishing their findings about anti aging nutrients, and the results are astounding to say the least. How many people do you know that would like to keep their youth, live longer and have optimal health? Probably every single person you know.

If you knew you had just found the best anti aging product, would you let them know? Absolutely, you would. I would too, and that is why I am letting you know about it here. And therein lies the tremendous value of this information. You have just struck gold. Human aging touches each and every one of us and those that we love. And now you know about the best anti aging product, and you and all you know can benefit from using it. Since human aging affects all of us, glutathione is for two groups of people – the sick and the healthy. Have I left anyone out?

It is very interesting to note that decreases in GSH due to age are seen in all tissues of the body, including the liver, kidney, lung, heart, spleen, and the brain. If we raise these levels, this will indeed dramatically affect our aging process. As one of the anti aging foods, it will help us to age better.

So now you know how glutathione works to restore cellular energy and also has an anti aging effect on the body. Stay tuned for the next report in the Glutathione Series – What does and doesn’t work to raise glutathione? Here’s a hint – you can’t just eat it!

Soya Beans Good For Health But Not For Sexual Health

Soya beans are the rich source of the proteins that are noted to be very good for the health. But, as the latest conducted research, Soya beans are noted to affect the sexual health of the person adversely. The study concluded that the men who lot of Soya beans are noted to less sperm count than that of normal person, whereas women with high intake of the Soya beans are noted to face the problem in conceiving. This study are has put the light on the adverse impact of the Soya beans on the health. Generally we thought of Soya bean as a very healthy diet, but after reading this study even now I am worried whether to eat Soya bean or not.

The study included the men who have the habit of eating the Soya bean on daily basis. The overall health check up of these guys was conducted. It was noted during this study that these men contained very less amounts of the sperms than the normal sperm count. From about 612 men participated in the study, about 500 showed the scarcity of mature sperms. These people were then asked to cut down the intake of the Soya completely for about 6 months. After this time duration again these people carried out the overall health check ups. This time it was noted that many of the men who were lacking the sperm count before 6 months were now having the adequate sperm count. This cleared the fact that Soya beans were somewhere directly or indirectly responsible for the scarcity in sperm count.

To check the impact of the Soya beans on the women’s fertility a study was conducted. In this study about 438 women participated who were eating the Soya beans on daily basis. The overall health check up of the women was being done. It was after this it was noted that many of these women were facing the problem in conceiving the child. These women were asked to give up the Soya bean intake completely for about 6 months. The overall health check up of these women was carried out through after this time period. It was noted that there was an improvement in there ovulation cycle and many of the women were able to conceive. So these two studies conducted proved that Soya beans affect the fertility in men as well as women.

From all these studies we can conclude that Soya Beans are not good for the sexual health. This is because the amounts of the heat produced by the Soya beans destroy the sperms in the body. As the result the mature sperms are being destroyed that leads to the infertility issue in the men. Whereas in women the problems in pregnancy are noted due to the Soya beans intake as the more amount of the proteins get accumulated in the fallopian tube that ultimately doesn’t allow the sperms to reach the ovule as a result the women face the problem in conceiving.

Soya beans increase the amount of protein content in the body of the person. If these proteins are not utilized then they automatically get converted in the fats and carbohydrates that may results into the health problems. Obesity is noted to be the outcome of the excessive intake of the Soya beans. Once you suffer with the obesity the sperm production process is being retarded due to this. As a result the person suffers with the infertility. So, I would suggest to lower the intake of the Soya beans as they may make you infertile.

How To Make Your Penis Rock Hard

The most important part of being a man is to be able to satisfy a woman sexually and unless and until you are able to achieve rock hard erections it is not possible to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction or the inability to achieve firm and hard erections is a highly common sexual disorder among men. Moreover, most men would like to overcome soft erections so that they can enjoy intense and longer lasting sex.

How to Make Your Penis Rock Hard

If you want to make your penis rock hard, there are a couple of medications available. The first name that comes to your mind is of course, Viagra.

But let me tell you that there are far more safer and natural alternative to Viagra which can help you in ways more than one.

These are natural penis enhancement pills that are comprised of natural and botanical extracts such as ginseng, ginkgo, muira pauma, catuaba, tribulus terrestris etc., which have been used as aphrodisiacs and in the treatment of erectile dysfunction around the globe for thousands of years.

These pills are better than synthetic formulations like Viagra since they do not have any side effects and enhance blood flow to the penis without affecting your blood pressure.

These natural male enhancement pills not only increase blood flow to the penis but also enhance the force with which blood is pumped into the penis which makes the erectile tissue expand to hold a larger amount of blood resulting in harder, thicker and more fuller erections.

Another significant effect of such natural pills is that they can improve your sex drive, enhance testosterone and also increase semen production. Moreover, they tend to reduce performance related anxiety which remains one of the major issues in preventing men from achieving hard and firm erections.

Though natural pills are highly effective, not all pills are alike. You must choose your product wisely. Make sure the pills you buy are endorsed by doctors and do not contain Yohimbe which has been banned by the FDA since it can play havoc with your cardiac system.

There are some amazing natural pills that also include free access to penis exercise programs so that you can also enhance your penis in size apart form increasing firmness of erections and control over your ejaculations.

Complications Of Ignoring A Female Orgasm Enhancement Program

Women everywhere need to know just how female orgasm enhancement can improve your health and assist you and your body in quite a few techniques. A incredibly prevalent medical problem that females have to deal with is some kind of sexual dysfunction. Keep reading this article to learn the best way to enhance your health and well-being by way of female orgasm enhancements.
Environmental Health Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction
When you need to seriously figure out how female orgasm enhancement can aid you, you might have to figure out what kinds of sexual dysfunction that women can experience. Doctors and scientists have confirmed that neurological disorders and diseases are closely related to lots of sexual disorders which effect men and women alike. Diabetes and other such medical conditions, specially ones that can diminish liver and kidney function, can all contribute to these types of concerns. If you might be experiencing excellent levels of depression, anxiety, sexual trauma and stress, you may possibly have a bit of a sexual dysfunction that prevents you from being able to orgasm. Luckily, you’ll be able to absolutely use female orgasm enhancement to get over that sort of sexual dysfunction and get better.
Female Orgasm Enhancement – Its Quite a few Advantages
Enhancing the female orgasm, as stated earlier, can be the key to leading a fuller and healthier life. There are lots of techniques in which hormones like this can assist you. For example, these hormones can work in a parallel manner to some opiate based receptors that are located inside the brains of women. This gives you a feeling of euphoria and relaxation that will perform very a few psychological actions into the fray. These things occur when an orgasm is attain by a woman:
– As a climax occurs and these endorphins are released, you will experience a marked drop in blood pressure.
* Like morphine, endorphins are a pain suppressant and reliever which means that when they are released, they naturally support with numerous persistent medical conditions which trigger chronic pain in women.
– Should you are having trouble fighting off diseases as a result of a diminished immune system, it has been verified that regular orgasms can strengthen the immune system. These things result in a naturally optimized health for the woman.
A great deal of women have to deal with the anxiety and tension of a hard day’s work, as well as whatever is happening to them otherwise. Those who use female orgasm enhancements and experience a regular release of endorphins typically come across that not only do they feel far better all around, but their anxiety levels are also drastically reduced at the exact same time.
In closing, female orgasm enhancement is much more than just merely feeling intense degrees of pleasure. It is also a method to improve the health in an enjoyable way. So, should you tend to suffer from various medical conditions, psychological issues including anxiety, anxiety or depression, or when you just wish to feel much better, take some time out to investigate female orgasm enhancements and how to make it work for you.

8 Effective Ways To Cure Nocturnal Emissions Naturally

Nocturnal emission, also known as nightfall or night discharge, is a problem primarily associated with male sexual health though some females too have nocturnal emissions at times. Generally however nocturnal emission is more common among males than females. It may be defined as an involuntary orgasm followed by an involuntary emission of semen that occurs usually in sleep. Nocturnal emission generally occurs in adolescent males, but for some it may occur later in life as well. The phenomenon usually takes place in the late nights or at dawn and is quite frustrating and bewildering for the adolescent male, for often he fails to understand what has actually gone wrong with him. The problem may make the male retreat in to a shell of his own, for he may start thinking himself an odd man out and may hesitate to discuss the matter with an elder or a friend. At times nightfall may wake the male up and at other times, he may continue sleeping through it.

Nocturnal emission actually occurs when the semen held in the body goes beyond its maximum capacity. In that case, the body gets rid of the surplus semen through nightfall. This allows the body to maintain the hormonal balance. The male once enters the sexually active phase of his life; the problem vanishes on its own. The possible nightfall triggers are:

1. Erotic dreams
2. Excessive masturbation habits
3. Full bladder
4. Abstinence from sex
5. Stimulation due to colliding of the sex organ with blankets or mattresses
6. Testosterone based medications
7. Hormonal imbalance
8. Diet rich in saturated and trans fats
9. Prostate gland enlargement

Excessive nocturnal emission gives rise to problems like weakened memory, knee pain, dizziness, insomnia, poor vision, stress, sexual exhaustion, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction and even infertility.

Ways to cure nocturnal emission:

1. Kegel exercises can effectively cure the problem of nocturnal emission.

2. Relieve stress through meditation, yoga and deep breathing.

3. Check your masturbation and viewing pornography habits

4. Adopt lifestyle measures like drinking plenty of water and eating a vitamin B rich diet.

5. Do not consume acidic food items.

6. Do not indulge in sexual obsession. Instead devote more time to hobbies, interests and brain storming activities. This will fill you with positivism and prevent you from harping on erotic thoughts.

7. Embrace the power of herbs like ligusticum, asparagus, withania somnifera, mucuna pruriens etc. These herbs can miraculously solve the problem of nightfall. The NF Cure capsule is an herbal pill containing all these chosen herbs. It’s a great cure for nightfall.

8. Try out the following home cures:

a. Boil dried sage leaves in a bowl of water for 10-15 minutes. Strain and drink the tea before bedtime to get cured of nightfall.

b. Mingle equal parts of bottle gourd extracts and sesame oil and massage the mixture on your scalp before bedtime. This will relieve you of the problem of nocturnal emission.

c. Consumption of 2-3 cups of curd everyday also relieves nightfall problem.

d. Combine 2 teaspoons of juice extracted from fenugreek foliage with 1 teaspoon honey and take the combination at bedtime. This is an effective home cure for nocturnal emission.

e. Before retiring to bed at night, bathe in lukewarm water after adding few drops of any one of the following essential oils: rose, sandalwood, chamomile, lavender or jasmine. This would relax your mind and body and would reduce the possibilities of nocturnal emission.

Seeking Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation has become, if not the most popular at least one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Beverly Hills.

Visit any gym in Los Angeles these days, and you’ll see so many women with beautifully proportioned bodies! Having a lovely body and full breasts is no longer a luxury that is limited to celebrities says cosmetic surgeon Beverly Hills. Thanks to cosmetic surgery and advances in procedures such as liposuction Beverly Hills, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and etc. all women can now enjoy a sexier body.

Reasons Why Women Seek Breast Augmentation

Some women never developed normal shaped, or normal sized, breasts as the rest of their body matured. Frustrated with the lack of results from breast enlargement firming creams, pills, exercises, or machines, these women turn to a breast augmentation Beverly Hills surgery to achieve the proportional figure that they had always desired.

Other women were unfortunately born with abnormal or asymmetrical breast deformities such as Poland’s Syndrome, which results from the failure of breast gland and pectoral chest muscles to development on one side. Similarly, others were afflicted with tubular or tuberous breast deformity which causes the constriction and narrowing of the base of the breast along with the enlargement of the areola. Breast implants and breast augmentation surgery has been able to give these women normal-looking and beautiful breasts.

With time, many women have lost breast volume, fullness, and shape with pregnancy, breastfeeding and nursing. While happy with being blessed with childbirth, these women feel that in return they have lost their youthful appearing breasts. These fashion-conscious women have sought breast implants Beverly Hills as a means of regaining their proportional figure, so once again they can fit into form-fitting tops, bras, and other clothes.

Breast Augmentation with breast implants has been a viable and safe option for breast reconstruction, which is done on many women who have lost their breasts to breast cancer. Breast Reconstruction with breast implants utilizes breast implant expanders to first enlarge the breast skin envelope before the final saline or silicone breast implant is placed.

If you are considering in a breast augmentation procedure, consult with a cosmetic surgery expert today to see if you will be a good candidate for the procedure.

Ipad Upgradeable: Get A New Ipad For Less Than $100

IPad upgradeable? Did you know that you could upgrade your iPad and get a new pad for about 0? It’s accurate. Most likely your original I pad is only a year or less old. And if it is still in decent condition sufficient to be resold you are able to get an additional 1 and just upgrade.

So, how is the iPad upgradeable? Here’s the deal: one can find firms doing investigation to uncover out who’s thinking about this kind of iPad marketplace. I’ve supplied a link underneath this article where it is easy to go to show your interest.

As soon as you go there fill within your e-mail address and you might be mailed the info that you need.

I know that the link goes to a page offering a no cost iPad. This is also an offer you that has been extended. Having said that you could take whichever choice you’d like, but upgrade alternative is just not mentioned despite the fact that it is offered.

So, like was prior to mentioned, go to the link at the bottom of this post and enter your e-mail to show that you are thinking about an upgrade inside your iPad. Although it mentions getting a free of charge iPod this also applies to upgrades.

Either way survey collectors are thinking about understanding who is interested in this type of iPad market. I’m sure you’ll love your new iPad as significantly as I do. I have discovered it to be about twice as quickly plus the graphics on it are even better due to the much better RAM and graphics rendering card.

After you enter your e-mail address on the linked page below you could anticipate an e-mail inside a queue hours giving you the details that you have to continue to get your iPad upgrade. So go ahead and follow the link, and get your new iPad.

You Can Build A Chicken Coop With Alternative Materials

Once you have found the plans for chicken coops that you like, the materials to be used are the next big obstacle to overcome. The first step for many people is to get brand new materials at the hardware store. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it is simply the only way to go. Sometimes, though, you need to keep within a strict budget. You can do this by using reclaimed wood or sheet metal.

There are some appealing options if you want to use reclaimed wood. If you have a friend or family member that is tearing down an old barn or shed, see if they will give you some of the old, used wood. The weathered look of used wood is a highly sought after motif these days. You’ll find that many people will give or sell the wood that is left over from their old structure at a lower price. This way, they do not have to move the wood alone, and your chicken coops plans will have cheap or free materials. Both people win in this scenario.

Sheet metal is another great alternative material for building a chicken coop. While it is a good material for the coop’s walls, it is also a great choice for roofing. This negates the need for you to tile or seal the wood that composes your roof. Sheet metal is stronger as well. When bad weather comes, you’ll find that to be a great thing to have on your side. Sheet metal also adds a strong layer of security for your flock. Your chickens and eggs will be protected from predators that would try to get through the material.

Have you thought about using PVC material? This material is great for creating ventilation for your chickens, and it is an effective delivery material for water and chicken feed. Price is another great thing about PVC. The hardware store nearest to your home will have all the PVC that your plans for chicken coops needs.

Whichever materials you decide to use, ensure they are safe for your chickens. The perfect plans for chicken coops will be wasted if you use materials that can make the chickens sickly or endanger themselves. Sand down any splinters when using scrap wood. If you decide to use sheet metal, don’t leave any sharp edges exposed that can injure your chickens. Remember, keeping your chickens safe is a big responsibility. Doing so will create a healthy environment for them to lay eggs for you for a long time.

In the end, you are going to find that the care you take in building your chicken coop will manifest itself in the chickens that make up your flock. You won’t be able to help yourself from falling in love with these funny little animals, and their even funnier personalities.

Pro Death Penalty

khafi   January 31, 2016   No Comments on Pro Death Penalty

It is no doubt that death penalty for multiple murders, serial killers and violent murder cases should remain. There is no other alternative. Life in jail can never be adequate punishment for those who take other peoples’ life. Some individuals constantly put forward the idea that taking other peoples lives is wrong, whatsoever, but at the same time they don’t want to punish murderers. These people (murderers) cannot be reformed. They are merely evil, disrespect life and should be eliminated.

They will never appreciate any second chance extended to them i.e. an opportunity to repent and turn a new leaf. They just commit the same offence if released. In fact, a life sentence is licensing them to kill while in jail: after all nothing more can happen to them. If they kill while in prison what else can we do to them? If we can’t put them to death then they are beyond further punishment.

Cost issues in death penalty
As compared to life imprisonment, death penalty is less expensive. Prisoners serving a life sentence are always known to be very violent. These people are very chaotic and mostly direct their anger to fellow inmates and also to the prison guards. The violence is normally destructive; a thing that increases prison operational costs, which already incorporates clothing, food, shelter, facility maintenance, and staffing. Had they been executed such increased costs would be avoided and the funds directed to other development projects in a country. Thus, capital punishment can be considered to be more successful in crime prevention than life imprisonment since it is a more effective restraint, it effectively incapacitates and it is quite economical. Loosing human life is a tragedy. However, the death of an innocent person is more tragic than the state executing anyone facing murder charges (Roger, 2004, p.34).

Ethical issues in death penalty
Let’s look at the ethical perspective of the death penalty; we realize it is ethical for these people to face the hanging noose because this will create some relief to the relatives of the aggrieved party who may have been murdered or left totally incapacitated by the action of the sentenced criminal.

It would be unfair for the judicial system to allow a murderer or rapist to continue living while the aggrieved party continues to live in suffering with the knowledge that is enemy is still a life. This knowledge will result to continued mental anguish to the injured party or his relatives.

It is unethical and immoral for the government to spend government resources in supporting a person convicted for capital offence which calls for a death penalty. It will be unfair to use the taxpayers’ money to pay for food and shelter for such a person. If this criminal and villain are hanged then this money can be used for more productive things in the economy.

Having the knowledge that human being learns behavior through reinforcement; death penalty will lead to reduced crime rate in the society. The precedent of death penalty will create a reinforcement of ethical behaviors in the society (David & Craig, 2008, p.241).
The human dignity supports death penalty; this is considering anger and trust place in the society and how the action of criminals undermines the basic tenets of a community. We punish criminals in order to prevent others from becoming criminals.

Death penalty will also provide retribution to the law abiding citizens’. This is because individuals get angry when they witness a crime and for law to control that anger is by punishing the criminal who has committed that crime. For the community anger to be controlled an individual who commits a capital offence deserves a death penalty.
Social issues in death penalty

Putting the importance of morality in the society we realize that death penalty can be able to solve some social disorders in the society. This is supported by the fact that some inhuman actions need to be eliminated completely from the society. Examples of these behaviors are those committed by capital crime offenders. The action of murder and rape should be terminated for the community to be socially healthy (Hugo, 1997. p .84).

In order to reduce inhuman crimes within the society capital offenders deserves a death penalty .This is because people will get relief that the person who was a threat for their survival has been eliminated. This will deter other people from engaging in such crimes and this will result to a healthy society.

Death penalty is socially justified due the possibility of these criminals coming back to the society in case of things like natural catastrophes or political unrest happening. This will rejoin the criminals back to the society which can cause big harm to the other citizens. This shows that these criminals deserve death to prevent such eventualities happening.

If the government continues to harbor the capital criminal offenders in our cells there is possibility of escalated crimes in the society. This can be supported by the move the human right organizations are taking, whereby a criminal who is in jail enjoys almost all the privileges of a normal citizen in the country. This portrays that people will not fear to do any crime because they are sure that they will enjoy their comfort in the cells.