$1500 for Obesity or Personal Training, Your Choice

On Average, obesity increases an individual’s health care costs by 00 annually. I am sure that most Americans can figure out several better ways to spend that kind of money. Suddenly, the value menu doesn’t seem to be much of a value, does it? While there are a great many things that 00 can buy, let’s stay in the health and fitness realm for now. As a complete 180 degrees from obesity costs, let ‘s put this money toward personal training sessions. How far can we go? What will the pay off be? What will the return on that investment be?
Personal training session rates vary across the country. Generally, the more expensive places will be in cities such as New York City. For my research, I used the trainer profiles of the personal trainers, pilates instructors, yoga instructors, health coaches, and nutritionists on NeighborhoodTrainer.com. The rates will run the gamut, but it is safe to say that session rates can run from -0 for a single session. Plus, keep in mind, that most fitness professionals will discount their session rates if you pre-pay for a number of sessions. By these numbers, it is safe to say that you could secure upwards of 20-30 sessions. Enough sessions to cover one session a week for about 4-6 months. You should be well on your way to shaving away the old you by then.
After that much time, where does that leave? Was it worth it? You’re darn right it was worth it. Chances are, if you safely lost the recommended 1-2 pounds a week, you are probably 20-60 pounds trimmer than before, depending on your starting point and needs, as well. Those may not be Biggest Loser numbers, but life is no game show. Moreover, it is the quality of life changes you will experience. In short, losing weight will lead to more energetic days and restful nights.
One cannot talk about all the benefits without talking finances. The whole premise behind this piece is how much more expensive it is to be obese. Will you save money by maintaining a healthy weight. In short, yes. Moreover, you can make better use of your money. You could invest it, join a gym, get a personal trainer, home improvement, the list can go on for a long time. What this illustrates is that there are much better uses for your money than paying additional medical expenses.
Ultimately, it is your choice as to what you want to spend your money on, but rich or poor, I can’t think of anyone who would consciously want to spend extra money to live as an overweight person. Yes, there are people with medical conditions that lead to obesity. They need the extra help. Our healthcare dollars should be spent on helping them. However, approximately 80% of obesity is preventable by diet and exercise. If you need help in these areas, consider seeking the help of a New York City nutritionist or NYC personal trainer to help set you on the right path. Remember, before starting any physical fitness or nutritional program, be sure to discuss it with your primary care physician. Not only will this help make sure that you are ready to begin a fitness program, but it will give you the best before comparison possible for assessing your progress.

Expose Your Toes With Prettytoes- Make-up For Your Toes

Do you have unsightly scars or discoloration on your feet or ankles? This can be embarrassing, and with the weather warming up, you want nothing more than to slide on your sandals and let your feet breathe. With the creation of PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover, you can cover-up unsightly discolorations and scars. From peep-toe pumps to platform wedges to flip-flops and gladiator sandals, your feet get a lot of attention in the summer. PrettyToes is a foot concealer that not only covers, but helps fade scars and discoloration. It comes in six shades with a water-base that allows it to last for hours.

What is PrettyToes?

PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover was developed by Dr. Nathan Lucas, a Board Certified Podiatrist and Licensed Aesthetician. The purpose of creating this product was to help women rid themselves of the embarrassment as well as the social and psychological stigma they felt when having to expose their toes. The goal of PrettyToes is to ensure that women will no longer have to hide their toes or feel embarrassed to wear open toe shoes and sandals.

It not only covers unsightly blemishes, but fades unsightly scars and discolorations. It is water resistant and with continual use, fades minor imperfections on your toes. The benefit of PrettyToes is that it contains FDA approved lightening agents that have been shown to contain fade/lighting properties. This product is formulated for the foot and ankle and is not recommended for use on the face or other parts of the body.

So You Have Corns: Apply PrettyToes

A corn is a thickened growth of skin that forms on the toes when the bones push against shoes or other toes, creating friction against the skin. Hard corns typically develop on the top of the toe or on the side of the small toe, while soft corns are similar to open sores which develop between the toes. Corns are almost always caused from wearing restrictive shoes that place repeated pressure on the toes. But hammertoes and other toe deformities can be the source of their development as well. PrettyToes can help to cover your unsightly corns.

Available in six beautiful brown shades, PrettyToes range from the lightest brown to the deepest chocolate. Some find it helpful to blend shades to achieve a better match, while one shade will do for others. First, apply PrettyToes Fade-n-Cover to the entire toe/toes or the area you want to cover using the sponge applicator. The product may initially appear light, but, like all makeup, allow PrettyToes to react with your body chemistry before applying more of the product.

Next, blend the makeup into your toe or toes. Remove all clear lines of demarcation and blend until you are satisfied with the appearance. PrettyToes is water resistant, making it possible for you to go swimming without the makeup coming off. When you are ready to remove PrettyToes, use a good makeup remover.

PrettyToes is an amazing water-resistant concealer made especially for your toes and feet that will help you get your toes summer ready. Contact Dr. Nathan Lucas, your podiatrist in Memphis, TN, for further consultation and for more information on how PrettyToes can help you gain the confidence you need to show off your feet this summer.

Penis Rash Facts – When a Foot Fixation Leads to Fungal Infection-Or Worse

Is indulging in a beloved sexual fantasy of many men worth the risk of a possible penis rash? The answer to that is entirely personal and varies from man to man. (It also depends on when the question is asked. When a man is in a particularly aroused state, his brain tends to migrate from his cranium to his crotch and all sense of logic can fly out the window.) Those who engage in activities that might bring about a rash need to take extra care to ensure that their penis health is not compromised by this pursuit of pleasure.
He’s a Sole Man.
The specific activity being referred to here falls under the broad general category of the foot fetish. Often when this term is bandied about, the image that comes to mind is of a man softly caressing or kissing a partner’s foot. Usually, this causes intense sexual arousal and the man masturbates while fondling the foot in question.
For many, this is a very pleasurable way to pass the time, but this is not actually the specific sensually-based foot experience under discussion. Instead, the experience is less technically fetishistic and more of an alternative method of experiencing stimulation.
Heel, boy, heel!
That alternative method is the physical stimulation of the penis by a partner’s foot or feet. Sometimes the stimulation results in ejaculation; other times it does not. Some men enjoy having a lengthy foot-penis liaison, while others are delighted with a brief connection between the organ and the foot that is just a small portion of a longer sexual escapade.
As mentioned, this is not totally fetishistic in nature, although it can be: for men for whom the foot itself is a sexual stimulus, an object of sexual desire, there is a fetish component. But many men simply get off on the idea of having their manhood fondled in a slightly more unconventional manner.
Keep on your toes.
New or rarely-tried sexual practices are welcomed by most men and can be crucial to keeping a long-term relationship thriving; boredom is a danger to be avoided! Thus the novelty of foot sex is not to be discounted.
However, as mentioned above, foot-to-penis contact does carry with it the risk of complications, such as a penis rash. Such rashes tend to come about for a number of reasons, including:
1. The partner is possessed of athlete’s foot or a similar fungus-based disease;
2. Bacteria from the foot gets passed on to the penis, resulting in a minor skin rash;
3. The foot-play is a bit rough (or the foot itself is calloused), creating an irritating redness on the penis;
4. The partner uses a soap or cream that causes an allergic rash to form on the penis.
Of these, the first-named is probably the most serious (and certainly the most disturbing to visualize). While it is rare for athlete’s foot to become “athlete’s penis,” it could happen; the crotch is a warm, moist environment, which is what a fungus needs to thrive. If a man’s penis develops a significant rash after foot sex, a trip to the doctor is advised.
Most of these rashes, however, are dermatologically mild cases that simply require extra hygienic care. To be safe, after having a foot caress his penis, a man should take the following steps:

* Thoroughly wash the penis and the entire crotch area. He should be sure to use a mild soap or cleanser that he knows will not negatively affect his penile skin.

* Soak a hand towel in warm water, then wring it out. Place the damp towel on the penis for one minute, to let the warmth and a small amount of moisture soak in.

* Squeeze out a generous helping of a top drawer penis health cream ( health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) and rub it into the penis. It’s important to use a cream that has qualities that can accelerate penis skin rejuvenation, such as shea butter and vitamin E; this will help to soothe the rash. One with vitamin A is also recommended, as vitamin A has anti-bacterial qualities and even a clean foot can be a hotbed of bacteria.

Hask Hair and Scalp Treatment Dandruff Control Review

Dandruff is thought to affect a huge area of the world’s total population. Since it perhaps a widespread affliction, having dandruff in fact is awkward and frustrating when you suffer from it. The anti dandruff shampoo market is quite big, but there are still individuals who don’t find any an end to those products. An anti dandruff treatment solutions are exactly what they need. Because of this , the Hask Hair and Scalp Treatment Dandruff Control came into existence.

Hask Hair and Scalp Treatment Dandruff Control is the solution to dandruff problems that can’t be dealt with just by using mere anti dandruff shampoos. This is a more focused product which treats your dandruff allowing the hair to be totally free of the opportunity of the loss of hair which may be an actual complications of severe cases of dandruff.

Short Info:

Hask Hair & Scalp Treatment is certain to help in handling problem dandruff and scalp itch even without the use of shampoos. It has no alcohol content and is non-greasy. Its two-layer patented formula has 2-ethyl-1, 3-hexanediol.

Hask Hair and Scalp Treatment Dandruff Control may be used by shaking it well first. Put on this delicately and generously in your scalp and do not rinse. Leave the treatment on hair. Use it daily until you notice that your dandruff problem is gone. This will likely take one to two weeks to increase the results. Next, use 1 to 2 times per week. Occasionally, caress your scalp with a rough towel to help.


1. Give your hair a rejuvenating scalp shampoo and remedy in one
2. For all hair types that include color-treated
3. Made by Hask
4. Handles scalp and dandruff troubles
5. Treatment is left on hair


Hask Hair & Scalp Treatment is uniquely formulated to regulate dandruff. It is made using patented ingredients that specially created for this functionality. Once the problem dandruff is fixed, the health of your scalp will automatically improve and definitely will encourage new hair regrowth. The merchandise doesn’t have any alcohol content which is good for people that do not like oily hair.

This anti dandruff product doesn’t have scent and it has shown amazing result in enhancing scalp health. So you simply won’t worry about lingering smell if you use this product on your hair. What’s more, if you have an itchy scalp and had not found an answer, Hask Hair & Scalp Treatment is the product may just be what you’re really looking for. The product comes with clear usage instructions so there is no need to be concerned with how to use it.


This anti dandruff product isn’t safe for the internal part of yourself. This should never fall inside your eyes, wounds and susceptible skin. Then again, it is just normal for everyone to be careful with any products we use not to have them taken or applied internally because they are containing chemicals that could be unhealthy for your body. This just requires additional care.

Cellular Level Healing Through Meditation by Healer John McGrath

A man suffered from a serious disease. His wife solaced him by saying he would be perfectly all right but even after taking medication for his aliment, he was still in a bad way. His 5 year-old son also said Father, don’t worry, you will be well soon. He had still not convinced his mind with these sweet words. When he went to his doctor and asked about it, his doctor gently told him, he would be alright soon. He believed him and finally he began to feel comfortable, and gradually he healed his mind and body.

Healer John McGrath has also experienced many clients who are like this. This is a very natural phenomenon when your body responds to your positive thoughts and to the comforting words of people who you really trust. The body begins to heal even before the application of medicine, and this process is known as placebo effect’. There are numerous stories of human achievement when people are capable of performing seemingly impossible feats. The same principle is also applied here in doing extraordinary deeds.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the noted physician and humanitarian says each man carries a doctor inside himself. They don’t know this truth, but the healing process is increased when each patient allows his inside doctor to work.

In alternative medicinal practice, meditation is considered one of the best and proven methods to heal at the cellular level. If you are already habitual in practicing meditation, you are attuned to healing in your subconscious mind. What meditation does to a human being is to infuse lots of subtle energy into the system through various methods like relaxation, breathing, postures and healthy living. John McGrath healing technique advices people to spend some time to practice meditation religiously for at least 30 minutes per day.

Meditation is considered a healing and concentration practice for mindfulness. However, it also has a great effect on cellular level of your physical structure. Our mind and body are totally complimentary and dependent upon each other. Atoms as a law never get destroyed but change from one form to another. Meditation is a practice that allows a subtle change in our mind, which in turns opens a gate, to allow the positive energy of the cosmos to enter our system. This positive energy will stay with us, not just in our subtle body, but also physically as well. This is the reason you will see meditative people having a strange glow emitted from their bodies. It will take some time to accomplish the task, also depends on other parameters of meditation. However, it will certainly allow your mind to open up and encourage your body to heal itself.

Relaxation is not just a figure of speech but really works wondersfor your body. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that relaxation has helped cured diseases. Settle yourself every day for some time to relax your body totally with a conscious effort. Sleep is also a stage of relaxation but it is another stage of our consciousness. So, try to practice relaxation in a conscious state where you try to empty your mind with gradual cessation of internal dialogues.

Focus your attention to the healing power from a higher power that is within you. Healing power is a gift, which is equally distributed to all living beings. Look at the animals how they heal themselves without any doctor. You may know people who never visit doctors and never fall ill. There may be many scientific conclusions to these facts, but the true fact is that healing energy is at a cellular level for the perfect health of their body.

Importance Of Clitoris In A Woman’s Sexual Health

The clitoris is a female sexual organ about the size of a pea located at the top of a woman’s vulva, above the urethral opening where the labia minora or inner lips, meet. Though the clitoris does not directly affect reproduction, it is an important part of the female sexual anatomy.

The abundance of nerve endings in the clitoris makes it very sensitive to direct or indirect touch or pressure and helps women achieve sexual pleasure. The clitoris plays a significant role in orgasms and can help women reach orgasms with and without sexual penetration.

Importance of clitoral stimulation

The sole purpose of clitoris is to provide sexual pleasure to a woman. A woman’s clitoris can be stimulated through direct or indirect contact. Some women may prefer direct clitoral stimulation but others may be uncomfortable with direct stimulation and may require the area around the clitoris to be stimulated to give them sexual pleasure. Though a woman may reach orgasm with or without direct clitoral stimulation, some women may require direct clitoral stimulation by hands or by means of a vibrator to experience the heights of sexual pleasure.

Ways and means to achieve clitoral stimulation

The clitoris in women may be stimulated in many different ways. This is because the entire area is full of nerves and is highly sensitive. You need to experiment to find out which technique works best to make your partner feel aroused and to reach orgasm. Many women prefer direct clitoral stimulation but over-stimulation can be extremely uncomfortable or even painful and hence should be avoided. When a clitoris is stimulated enough and orgasm approaches, the tissues of the clitoral hood swell. This is when you should stop clitoral stimulation to avoid hurting or irritating your partner.

Men may provide clitoral stimulation to their partner to the point of orgasm through various means such as direct stimulation by hand or by providing oral stimulation through tongue. Gentle massaging of the clitoris too stimulates many women. Vibrators and clitoral stimulator creams such as Vigorelle Clitoral Stimulation Cream may be used together to help a woman reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

Advantages and disadvantages of clitoral stimulation

Clitoral stimulation is extremely advantageous to help a woman cherish sexual pleasures and reach orgasm. Men who are able to successfully titillate the clitoris of their partners enjoy better sexual and interpersonal relationship. Besides, since clitoris is extremely sensitive, it offers men the opportunity to try different ways of clitoral stimulation and provide ultimate sexual bliss to their partner. Experimentation with clitoral stimulation also helps a couple to spice up their sex life which tends to become less passionate over time.

The disadvantage of clitoral stimulation could be that it may hurt or make your partner uncomfortable, but this is only when you over-do something. Try different ways of stimulating and know when to stop stimulating the clitoris to help your partner reach her pinnacle.

Advantage Or Disadvantage Of Sunscreen

Summer is coming. Many women are worried about their skin, but how should we go to protect our skin. I guess most people will choose use the sunscreen, but is it really healthy for our skin or not?

Slathering on sunscreen at the first hint of sunshine has become commonplace – we’re far more sun safety conscious than a decade ago and spend a lot of money a year on products designed to ward off the sun’s rays.

Despite this, cases of skin cancer are continuing to rise and the main cause remains overexposure to the sun. Could it be that the creams we use, or misuse, can cause as many problems as they attempt to solve?

Some experts have found the chemicals used to deactivate UV rays (most commonly cinnamates, benzophenones and amino benzoic acid) react adversely with sunlight when they are absorbed, possibly causing DNA damage.

Concern has also been raised about the chemical preservatives used in sunscreens, and other ingredients, seeping through the top layer of the skin.

A Swedish study found benzophenone-3 (or B-3), a popular sunscreen ingredient, in the urine of people who had applied no more than the recommended dose of sunscreen up to 48 hours before.

Studies have shown that tomatoes, which are rich in antioxidants and the lycopene, could prove a weapon against sun damage.

Undoubtedly, though, the best advice and the most important factor in fighting sun damage and skin cancer is our own sun behaviour.

And that means wearing a hat and finding a tree whenever it gets hot. It is the easiest way to protect our skin. The love for beauty is a nature of all human beings, so don’ get its opposite when you do something. Everyone should choose some ways which suitable themselves, and then we will be successful.

My Beautiful Memories Of The Amazing Stockholm Sights

Looking back on my vacation in Sweden, I am truly in awe of all the sights and sounds that I experienced when I visited its capital city, Stockholm. A cosmopolitan city that boasts of Old World charm and modern architecture blended perfectly together.

My travel started in Gamla Stan, a historic site in Stockholm. Getting around was easy because most of the sights and attractions are reachable by foot. By buying a travel guide or map, I was able to travel on my own, without a tour guide. I went around its cobbled streets and alleys and even without a guide, was able to learn about the history of the place. I was fascinated with all the architecture which dates back to the 13th century. Historical churches, the Royal Palace and museums, are just a few of the many sights that I was able to see during my travel. When I needed to rest, I stopped at a caf and was able to surf the internet and check travel guides to find other must see attractions and sights.

What I found out was that different sights and attractions such as museums, galleries and landscaped parks abound in Stockholm. Restaurants are also everywhere in Stockholm, they even have “dagens” or specially priced lunches for those on a budget. And also wifi and Skype zones are everywhere in Stockholm so no problem there with being lost.

There are different sights to look forward to in Stockholm. I visited the Royal Palace, residence of the Royal Family. A guide toured me around the place and shared the history of the palace. Having a guide made my travel around the palace interesting with all the information that he shared.

Wanting to see the Swedish countryside and experience really fresh air, I looked for a guide to accompany in my travel. Another major attraction that I visited in Stockholm is the Skansen Open Air Museum. It was founded in the year 1891 and features more than 150 houses and farms in Sweden through the years. . This is where the famous Christmas market is also held. I also learned about the traditions and festivals of Sweden.

The next place I went to was the Bergius Botanical Gardens, it is part of the Swedish Cultural Heritage with 100 years backing it up. Initially, the garden was designed to promote botanical and biological research, now; it also serves a recreational purpose since tourists come to visit it because of its beauty. I had a great time here and really just took the time to cherish the beauty around me; they even have a Japanese inspired pond.

Though these are just some of the sights and attractions of Stockholm, I am filled to the brim with appreciation for the city. I had a wonderful vacation and am hoping to be able to come back and explore more, the fascinating country of Sweden. I would bring my loved ones with me the next time I travel to this wonderful archipelago. I would serve as a guide and share the wonders of Sweden! Travel and see the sights that Stockholm has to offer, it may be the best vacation that you will ever have!

7 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids On Vacation

Looking for ideas for your next vacation? Instead of doing the same things over and over, why not try something new? Vacations are a great time to try a new activity or visit a new place. Here are 7 family-friendly Cape Cod tourism ideas to get you started.

Take a Hike

Summer vacations are a great time to explore the great outdoors with your kids. Take a day to explore some nature trails, have a picnic lunch, and admire the scenery. Plan your hike based on your kids’ age, experience, and enthusiasm. Some kids love a physical challenge, while others prefer a more leisurely stroll through the woods. Be sure to bring along bug spray, snacks, and plenty of water.

Visit the Beach

The beach is one of the most popular summer destinations, and most kids could spend days there and not get bored. Make sure to include it as one of your stops to let them play in the sand and splash in the water. With younger children, it’s usually a good idea to visit in the evening when the sun is less intense. Still, be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and water, as well as an umbrella to shade them when they get tired.

Go Boating

Your fun in the water doesn’t have to be limited to the beach. Take a boat out and explore the surrounding water, whether it’s a chartered cruise or a couple of canoes shared by your family. You’ll probably find places that are only accessible by boat, so you’ll avoid most of the crowds and be able to appreciate more of the natural beauty of the place. Many boat lines also offer special rides like sunset tours and whale-watching tours if you’re looking for something extra special.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopters let you get a whole new perspective on the world that you just can’t appreciate from the ground. You’ll have to judge for yourself whether your kids will be up for it (some may get airsick or be too afraid to enjoy the experience). For many kids, a helicopter ride can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be the highlight of their vacation.

Horseback Riding

Another way to explore the area is by finding a stable that offers tours on horseback. These are usually available to riders of any level of experience. Even if you and your kids have never sat on a saddle before, you should be able to have a great time. Most kids are excited to get up close and personal with a horse for the first time. Keep in mind that there will probably be age restrictions, and you may not be able to bring very young children on the ride.

Try a Local Restaurant

At least once on your vacation, try to avoid the familiar fast-food restaurants and try something new. This gives you a great chance to experience local dishes and ingredients that you may never have tried before. Encourage your kids to step outside their comfort zone and try something different. You’ll gain more of an appreciation for the local culture and may even find a new favorite dish.

Explore a Museum

On any vacation, it’s good to plan a couple of indoor activities to balance out all the time outdoors. Kids can spend all day exploring a museum, and they’re a convenient way to get out of the sun or weather out an unexpected storm. Ask about kid-friendly museums at a Cape Cod tourism office, and they’ll be sure to have plenty of options on hand. The best museums for young children are hands-on and have lots of interactive exhibits that will keep your kids engaged.

Know How to Increase Breast Firmness

Breast augmentation is also called augmentation mammoplasty. It involves the placement of a breast implant behind the breast to increase its size and improve its shape. It is performed after the breast is fully developed (usually in patients over 18 years of age).

In order to implant the material within the breasts, the surgeon must make an incision on the breasts. The incision is generally made below the breasts from where it would not be apparent later on. Skillful surgery could make the incision almost imperceptible after the operation. Very carefully, the implants are then inserted by the surgeon in a pocket-like cavity between the pectoral muscles (muscles of the chest) and the overlying tissues of the breasts.

Premature sagging occurs because of stretching the Cooper’s ligaments that help suspend and support the breast. This can occur after pregnancy and weight loss. The onset of sagging breasts in some younger women is change in overall breast size after having a baby. A woman’s breasts generally become larger and engorged with milk in preparation for breastfeeding. Once breastfeeding is over, her breasts may not snap back.

With the increasing popularity and prevalence of cosmetic surgery, and especially breast implant surgery, we see increasing numbers of women who seem paradoxically blessed with size 2 waists, and buxom bosoms. It’s easy to say you should be happy with what you were born with, but the fact is you can’t change how you feel about certain things, and if your breasts are a source of negative body image or low self esteem, you’ve probably looked into ways to change your bustline, maybe even considered cosmetic surgery to achieve your desired results.

Products for developing larger breasts usually contain a blend of herbs as well as other therapeutic ingredients. Herbs such as wild yam, fenugreek, saw palmetto, and fennel have been used for centuries to treat various female ailments and encourage breast growth.

Many women have false idea that their breasts will only loose their shape and firmness after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or after menopause, and do not pay attention to the breasts before that. But it is so important to understand that it is too late to begin moisturizing and exercising your chest area after you’ve raised a child and your breasts have lost their shape already. It is possible, of course, to restore what you had, but it will take a long time.

Zoft gum starts producing results soon enough…it does not take long. You should being seeing results within a month of using this product. Women who have used Zoft gum report that they achieved the sought after size and firmness within three months of using Zoft.

The use of this product produces quick results. Results will probably become obvious within one month of starting to use the gum. The majority of women who have used this gum report that they achieved the desired size and firmness within three months from starting to use it. With this product it is possible to achieve an increase in one to two cup sizes if used as directed.